Fountain for Laravel

Jumpstart your next big project. 100% Open Source.


Out of the box registration, login, and password resets. Exactly what you need to get started.


Monthly and yearly subscriptions using Stripe. Built in subscription management using Laravel Cashier lets you focus on your business.


Customers can download a PDF copy of their invoices. Fountain will also email your customers their monthly invoice.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is ready for your customers. Use Google Authenticator out of the box or your own two-factor authentication provider.


Send your customers announcements via email or on screen with Fountain's easy to use announcements.

Admin Portal

Full site administration through an easy to use admin portal. Administrate customers, Stripe packages, and more.


With Mimic you can see what your customer is reporting. Login as your customer and debug easily. Their personal information can be private with our simple HTML helpers.


Fountain is built on top of Laravel 5.3. Easily customize the code based on your needs. Fountain is built with simplicity and customization in mind.

API Authentication

Fountain allows customers to generate API keys and assign API access permissions to specific users. API Authentication and rate limiting is ready out of the box.

Coming September 2017! Subscribe to be notified.